Construction of children’s park in Kozloduy

Project Timeline: 17/01/2017 – 23/05/2017


“The first ever children’s park in Kozloduy, now open”
Interprom LTD completed the construction of a modern children’s park in Kozloduy, which is the first of its kind. It consists of four separate playgrounds and an outdoor fitness for children aged 0 – 17. The playgrounds are equipped with various facilities, such as towers, a children’s phone, sandboxes, merry-go-rounds, a tunnel, swings, the educational game “Know Bulgaria”, and other attractions. The mayor of Kozloduy Marinela Nikolova expressed her gratitude to architect Maya Choleva and to Interprom LTD for the project execution, as well as her hope that this park will bring tremendous value to the city and to the children’s leisure time and physical fitness.

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