Human Resources

Our employees are our greatest asset and the key to Interprom’s sustained competitive advantage.


We employ some of the brightest talents and are continually on the lookout for professionals from a diverse range of disciplines. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of construction projects requiring highly qualified specialists from the fields of Engineering, Investment Construction, Business, Ecology, Law, and Occupational Health and Safety.


Our in-house staff make up management units that interface with contractors and temporary staff numbering in the hundreds. Overall staff numbers can grow depending on project needs.


We invite applications throughout the year. Apply for a position to become a staff members and join our growing family.

Interprom has a fully-furnished staff recreation and training center located on a floating barge in the Vacha Dam. The complex consists of lodging for 30 people, catering facility, meeting rooms and one presentation and training premise. The compound is accessible by vessels only. Members of the Interprom family can use this base all year round for seclusion and recreation. The HR department runs a training calendar on selected topics of interest and importance. The base is used also for annual and quarterly sessions by the top management.