Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility not as an additional burden, but as part of the essential concern we owe to society. We focus on larger-scale public projects such as subway systems, public works and water treatment facilities. Nevertheless, our ethical values entail to us not only to engage in such complex projects but also pay our dues to society. We have taken upon projects such as building children’s playgrounds, facilities for sporting and recreational activities, as a way of giving our fair share to society. We value the impression we make to the community as a whole and try to leave a positive impact behind us and a model for other companies follow.

Corporate Governance

Our stakeholders are affected and have a legitimate interest in the company. Interprom operations are motivated by taking a stakeholder first perspective. Those stakeholders include shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and the community at large.

Our virtues are focused on the bigger picture rather than the corporation itself. We aim to maximize the resources we have and use them as efficiently as possible. Our business is about people and creating shared values. Since our company serves the public, we strive to understand clients who rely on our products every day. By seeing things from their perspective we build and develop the best facilities to suit their needs.

When evaluating the opportunity of taking on a new project, management always considers how this will affect our company’s image and whether it can help the public and create shared values between us and society.