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We strive to develop Interprom into a global player creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Letter from the CEO

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am the CEO and founder of Interprom. It has been more than twenty years since I have established the company and it has become a great and exciting part of my life.

During these years, me and my team have had many ups and downs, many challenges and even doubts whether we are using our time and resources in the most practical and positive way.

The main thing that has been comforting my team and myself, and kept us steady, was to do what we believe is best for the company and the employees. While doing what we are best at and with our minds set on it, we managed to reflect at process of our work which were lacking and though of how we can do them better, quicker and in a way that will set ourselves apart from the pack.

From the very beginning, we have always accepted challenges even though sometimes we may have lacked the complete set of resources required to do it with ease. This has not changed at all and nowadays the people of Interprom set objectives that are far-reaching and challenging.

I think that this is how one stretches himself and develops. When there’s a moment of doubt and uncertainty especially in the middle of a challenging and lengthy project, we have always managed to push through, and we have had breakthroughs. Sometimes when it is very hard to perform certain project, it indicated that a really great thing is about to happen. That is the moment we are about to grow, learn more about ourselves and our business.

When we entered the construction business, we didn’t have the experience nor the people to make us feel comfortable about the outcomes. Our first goal was to convince, win and motivate the best people to join us and excel along the way. Our track record since then has constantly grown and is available for all to assess.

Five years ago, Interprom ventured into Mining and Natural resources and in a way it was a Déjà vu of our early start in 1996. Our first objective, so far successfully achieved, was to attract and motivate the best people of this trade, by demonstrating to them our philosophy as an organisation, our culture, integrity and trust.

Starting from our experience of underground construction, we were deeply aware that we lack certain aspects and that we are not entirely ready to enter the uncertain and really challenging space of mining. Today, we can comfortably say that we have formed a team composed of the best people out there, by setting objectives and challenges that make minds tick, achieve and feel the motivation and fulfillment from that. The result from our exploration are again out there for all to assess. As a result, we are on the brink of some wonderful projects which are about to start operation and are going to shape our thoughts, time and efforts for years to come.

Now, having the confidence that we can deliver in construction and mining, we set ourselves the objective to become a truly global player, but do it in a way that is better, quicker and in a way that will set ourselves apart from the others in the pack.

Both in construction and mining challenges, Interprom recognised already in an early stage, the importance of data, and the importance to acquired knowledge. This approach results in visionary designs and way, that are not only more effective but essentially better and less costly. This is how greater value for effort is achieved. Being smart and knowledgeable is what brings qualitative advantages.

We have decided to utilise our data processing skills which are very important for large scale construction and mining, into the way we fund our global growth. By liberating our shares and empowering them through the blockchain technology, we have yet again setting ourselves apart from the pack in a more difficult and challenging way.

We are being one of the first companies out there, clearly stating that our token offering is a security and that it will follow all existing compliance requirement, and by doing so employing the most innovative distributed approach, technology, design and architecture out there.

Interprom is about the challenging, hard to perform work, which sets us apart. This is what makes us unique and makes us excel. This is our essence and I hope we will remain true to it.



Leading quality execution

Health and safety first

Organic sustainable growth

Reliability in timing, quality and costing

Credibility in estimates and appraisals

Stellar reputation

Human resource are key for success

Flexibility and agility

Uncertainty cannot be managed but exposure to it can.

Redefine how mining of natural rersources is designed and executed

Transpose innovative practices from construction to natural resources development and operation

No dogmas, no legacy burdens but entirely flexible and agile concepts

Employing best available and affordable technology

Applying deep quantitative and data mining techniques to resources exploration, data processing, analysis and appraisal

Frontier real options based approach for injecting and pro-active search for flexibility that is key to modern mining



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